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Du befindest dich im Forum: Lounge. Smalltalk mit Sinn ist hier nicht nur erlaubt, sondern auch erwünscht. Hier können sich die User über ihre momentanen Befindlichkeiten austauschen und über Dinge des alltäglichen Lebens diskutieren. Smalltalk in seiner feinsten Form - aber trotzdem mit Sinn!

Alt 16.01.2011, 19:12   #4091
@D. Macht mir Angst wenn Du einfach so ohne Grund anrufst um zu smalltalken.
Ich weiß nicht warum,aber lass es! Ich möchte Dich nicht mehr kennen.
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Alt 16.01.2011, 19:12 #00

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Alt 16.01.2011, 23:43   #4092
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@dich: Besonders schön. Innen und Außen. Herz und Verstand. Du.
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Alt 17.01.2011, 03:41   #4093
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Geändert von Steps (17.01.2011 um 11:50 Uhr)
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Alt 17.01.2011, 10:09   #4094
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@J: Kannst du mich nicht wenigstens nachts in Ruhe lassen? Musst du unbedingt durch meine Träume geistern....?
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Alt 17.01.2011, 18:59   #4095
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@Chr: Schön, dass es dich gibt. Du schaffst es, mich aufzumuntern...
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Alt 17.01.2011, 20:08   #4096
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@F: Es tut mir Leid. Ich weiß, dass du sie liebst.
Du bist nett, lieb und deine Art sich um mich zu kümmern
hat mich gerührt, aber es ist doch offensichtlich,
dass unsere "Freundschaft" nur darauf besteht den jeweiligen "Partner" eifersüchtig zu machen.
Natürlich klappt das, aber das wird uns nicht auf Dauer glücklich machen. Es ist dumm.
Das bringt uns doch nicht weiter!
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Alt 17.01.2011, 21:49   #4097

Ich finde Deine Kaugummistadt ohne Zigarettenautomaten sehr symphatisch.
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Alt 17.01.2011, 22:35   #4098
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you know....when I was 17 and I thought I would never find friend in the US, YOU were there, shwoing me that I could have friends...YOU were there showing me that I was worth know I had just been going through a pretty rough time, I was bullied and laughed at and my self-confidence was pretty much not existant..I was shy as heck and I was afraid that nobody in the world (or in the us in this case) would like me.
I was desperate, I needed some love and friendship, and I found that in you.
You and I together were just a whole dang lot of fun, you and I put together just matched perfectly....You and I.....
You know, I didnt have a friend as good as you were for a long time, but then i suddenly had you in my life and i knew i wouldnt ever want to let you go...
I had this really big crush on you, I kept thinking of you and I longed for your kiss and your touch....whenever I saw you, I was surprised at how awesome you were.
We hung out, a lot, you treated me so well, you spoiled me and you made me feel good about myself.
Then I had to leave and we set a date for 10 years later, we were kidding but I was already excited for that!
When I was home, you were still very existant in my thoughts, in my head and in my mind...I kept wanting to text you and see you and talk to you....
All those letters we sent back and forth, all those messages we send, e-mail and packages...They made me feel so connected to you and when we finally discovered skype, it was the ultmate treat when I could hear your voice...but we were just friends and I thought, that you felt the same.
So I tried getting over my feelings for you, since you were 8000miles away from me anyways...I tried forgetting about my feelings for you and I did get over you when I fell for my ex-boyfriend....then we kinda lost touch for a while...but we fpound each other again, then I brok eup with my eb and my feelings for you were there once again...Once again I kept dreaming of you at night and thinking of you during the daytime...Wow, how I loved flirting and talking with you on the phone.bYou promised to marry me so I could stay i the US, you promised you would.
Then...a couple months later, you stoppd answering stopped texting stopped being there and then you had a girlfriend...and didn't even bother to tell me.
When you finally remembered that you had a good friend in germany whom you had ignored for quite a whil, you apologized, we made up, we talked, we chatted, you took a bath while being on the phone with me...
we talked about getting married, you said you'd want me, and no one else, you said you'd want to break up with your told me you really liked me and liked me when I was still with you....
it's been over 2 weeks and we haven't talked since....
You said you were gonna break up with her but yet you are still dating. You said you were always waiting for me, yet you are still in that relationship.
You said you'd love to talk to me the next day, yet it's been 2 weeks that we haven't said a word to each other.
You sent me a message the other day that you got the box I shipped you, didn't say thank you and didn't say anything....didn't even tell me how you liked the content.
You know what??? I am starting to think it's a good thing that you are that far away....That way I can't scream at you and show you all of my emotions just to make a fool of myself...
You know, I really believed you but I am starting to think that you were just messing with me....I am starting to feel pretty embarrassed and you know what? I am starting to regret my decision to book the flight so I could see you! I am starting to regret ever telling you the truth about my feelings, I am starting to regret that last letter I sent you, I am starting to regret a lot of things that have to do with you....
the only thing I don't regret is that I didn't send you my lucky-bracelet. You don't deserve it. I am not even mad at you, I am just disappointed in you, because I thought that I meant more to you than just some phrases over the internet! Something has dramatically changed between us during those two years that I have been gone, and I start to feel happy about that. I start being thankful for that, because I start thinking that something between you and me would never have worked anyways...
I still miss you as my buddy though and I hate those feelings I have towards you, those feelings I kept in my heart for almost two years....I just want everything to be better. Whatever you think about me right now....I just want contact with you.
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Alt 18.01.2011, 00:36   #4099
@ Warum machst Du es mir so schwer?
... dahin, wo die Sonne niemals scheint!
Wir sehen uns bestimmt bald Und diesmal klappt es!
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Alt 18.01.2011, 00:42   #4100
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@ man in the supermarket
I wasn´t able to see ur face, but this frozen moment is ours... tomorrow i will pray for an another day...
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